Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gamdom?

Gamdom offers 3 thrilling games to help users multiply CS:GO skins! We strive to provide our players with the best possible gaming experience and continuously improve the site based on YOUR feedback.

How do I deposit skins?
  1. Start by setting up your Steam URL by clicking on your profile tab just below the graph and entering your trade URL under “Edit Trade URL”.
  2. Click on the “Deposit” tab and select the skins you would like to convert into coins.
  3. Our Bot will send you a trade offer with your selected item(s). Accept the trade after making sure the security codes on both the trade offer and the site match.
  4. Head to the main page, select the number of coins you want to play with and start busting!

1 SkinDollar = 1000 Coins

Coins have no real currency value, but are used to withdraw skins from the marketplace on our website.

How do I withdraw skins?

After you are done playing, you can head over to our Marketplace and select skins based on how many coins you currently have. If items appear to be no longer available, please refresh the page as someone else might have already withdrawn them.

– In order to withdraw, you need to deposit 1000 coins and wager at least 50% of what you have deposited, but at least 50,000 coins.
– Using our marketplace as a trading platform is prohibited. Users found breaking this rule will be blocked from withdrawing and may have other restrictions put in place. We define trading as using our service to deposit items with the intention of withdrawing other items for a profit without a proportionate amount of play.

How are skin prices determined?

The prices of the skins in our marketplace is determined through the SteamAnalyst API price averages and our own custom prices for rare skins. We apply a discount to discourage player from depositing a large quantity of low value items.
Here is how much discount you get for your skins:

Price Discount
Keys No Discount
0.00 - 0.50 Not Accepted
0.51 - 5.00 10% off
5.01 - 10.00 5% off
10.01+ Full Price
We do not accept sticker, cases, souvenir weapons and other items because of their price volatility or popularity.

Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald Dopplers are 15% more expensive on withdrawal due to their rarity

How does the deposit bonus work?

You can earn up 5% bonus on every deposit you make.

- You'll get 2% for adding "" to your steam name.
- Your deposit bonus will increase with your level:
Level Bonus
≥ 100.2%
≥ 200.4%
≥ 300.6%
≥ 400.8%
≥ 501.0%
≥ 601.3%
≥ 701.6%
≥ 802.0%
≥ 902.5%
≥ 1003.0%

Is there a maximum bet/profit?

We currently restrict bets to 1,000,000 Coins and you'll be automatically cashed out if you profit more than 2,000,000 Coins.

Bets are currently restricted to 3,000,000 Coins for black/red and 300,000 Coins for green.

I want my balance to be transferred to my secondary account or friend`s account

You can transfer coins to a secondary account or friend’s account by using our tipping feature. To tip another user, simply click on their name in the chat, select the option “Tip” and enter the desired amount of coins you want to send.
We do NOT transfer balances in any other way to prevent scams.
-In order to tip, you need to have deposited 1000 coins (1$) and have wagered at least 40k.
-Tipping is an irreversible action and the site will not refund you if you tip the wrong person or enter the wrong amount.

My coins disappeared?

Please make sure no one around you has access to your account and lost your balance gambling. Also ensure your account is safe by never installing any viruses or harmful browser extensions.
Lastly, we do NOT refund these types of incidents. We only refund what we can see and prove in our logs/database.

How can I get free coins?

There is a couple of ways you can earn free credits on Gamdom:

  1. Daily reward:
  2. You can earn up to 440 coins daily by claiming your Daily Reward.
    Head over to your profile tab and make sure your account is verified.
    You must have played at least 5 hours of CS:GO to be able to verify your account.
    Don't forget that you'll receive more coins as you level up!
  3. Rainbot:
  4. The rainbot enables us to give back to the community.
    It will give out free coins to everyone who clicked “here” while it was active.
    The Rainbot appears every 2-28 minutes in chat.
    You will get 50% more from the rain if you add "" to your name.
    Don't miss the "Storm" coming up just once a day!
  5. Giveaways:
  6. We are also hosting awesome item giveaways all the time.
    Make sure to follow us on Twitter so you don't miss them!
  7. Affiliate:
  8. Everybody who reaches level 50 can generate their own Affiliate Code
    Once your code is set, you can give it out to other players.
    When a player redeems your code, they will receive 500 coins for free and will forever be signed up as one of your referrals.
    Each time the referred player makes a bet after depositing once, you will receive 0.3% of their wager.

Chat rules
  1. Don't promote or advertise other services.

  2. English is the only language to be spoken in chat.

  3. Don’t beg or ask for coins.

  4. Don't spam, harass or be offensive to other users.

  5. Offenses will result in a mute.

  6. Don't discuss or promote trades you’re offering.

  7. Submitting links in chat will result in a mute or permanent ban.

Note: Based on the judgement of our chat moderators, additional rules may be enforced according to the situation.

Crash Game Mode

What happens if I disconnect from the game?

Regardless of whether your client is connected or not, the auto-cashout feature will work as expected (it happens on the server), and we highly recommend you use it if internet reliability or performance is a concern.

The game lagged for me?

Most of the time any lag on the site is client side. This problem can be linked to high latency on either the user end or the server end.
We always advise our players to use "auto-cashout" when playing crash to avoid this from happening. We are NOT giving refunds for these types of problems IF there is no clear evidence that the user can provide that will prove that this happened.
An example is a video recording with the exact "Game ID" of the round (found in the history tab) and time / date, please send it to [email protected].

How high can the game go?

There's no real limit! However, if during a game we ever are facing a net loss of 2,000,000 coins or more, the server will automatically cash out all players still in the game, forcing them to enjoy an early win and a sizeable profit.
You can see in game what the current maximum win is (in the top left of the chart).

How can I win the Jackpot?

The progressive Jackpot on Gamdom is a special prize which can be won by our luckiest players.
All you have to do in order to win the Jackpot is to play crash.
When the Jackpot is won, 75% go to the winning player and 25% will be split among all the other users in that round based on how much they profited.

Example 1:

-A player winning 250 Coins has a ~0.01% chance of winning the Jackpot.
-A player winning 25k has a ~1% chance of winning the Jackpot.
-A player winning 50k has a ~2% chance of winning the Jackpot.

Example 2 (Splitting the pot):

Let's say someone wins 100k Jackpot and the total profit excluding the winner in that round was 10k.
Someone profiting 1k would get 2.5% or 2.5k of the total Jackpot since 25k would be split among all the players in that round.

The exact formula used to pick the winner is:

Note: The Jackpot percentages in the "bets-table" are rounded numbers.

The Jackpot will increase every single round by 1% of the total bets placed, until the grand prize won.

Roulette Game Mode

What is Roulette?

Our Roulette is a number spinner consisting of numbers 0 to 14 generated randomly. Players are able to bet on red, black, and green. Red and black profit is 2 times what you put down. Green profit is 14 times what you put down.

What are Roulette Bonus Rounds?

When a bonus round is active, on roulette, all profits are increased. Red and black change from 2x to 3x and green changes from 14x to 27x.

When do Bonus Rounds Happen?

Bonus rounds can occur at any time. There is a 1 in 100 chance that any given round is a bonus round.

Tradeup Game Mode

What is Tradeup?

Our unique Tradeup game mode enables you to trade a set amount of Coins for any skin available in our marketplace.
The chances of you winning the skin will be calculated automatically based on your bet and the price of the targeted skin.
After winning a skin you can chose between reselling back to us for a 5% bonus or to simply withdraw it like any other item from the marketplace.

What happens if i disconnect after i won a skin?

We will "reserve" the skin for you for a period of 10 minutes in which you can again choose to resell/withdraw it using your transaction page.The skin will be automatically resold for the 105% price and the coins will be added to your balance.


Is the game fair?

Absolutely! And we can prove it. Please see our provably fair page for technical details.

How to verify the Crash Game results?

There are already 3rd party scripts to verify the game hashes and to calculate the results like this JSFiddle.

How to verify the Roulette Game results?

There are already 3rd party scripts to verify the game hashes and to calculate the results like this JSFiddle.

Can I get paid to promote this website?

If you have a large fan base on social media, YouTube, or a site related to CS:GO feel free to leave us an email at [email protected]

What if I can't stop?

Like all forms of gambling, online gambling can become an addiction that can have serious negative effects on your life.
If you lose more than you planned to or can't safely afford and find yourself struggling to control time and/or money spent gambling, please check these sites for information that could help you:

Self Help: