Provably fair

How does it work

We have generated a chain of 1 million SHA256 hashes, starting with a server secret that has been repeatedly fed the output of sha256 back into itself 1 million times. The SHA256 of the final hash is: "fa75616697eea331e4c5942b19d9a5d06afdca56cced9c2a3d57fe1ce926c152", by publicising it here we are preventing any ability to pick an alternate sha256 chain. Now the game server is playing through this chain of hashes in reverse order, using these values to calculate the game's crashpoint provably fair.

How to verify

Anyone can easily verify integrity of the chain. We're publishing a game's hash immediately after the game ends. By checking that the sha256 hash of that game's hash is the game's hash of the previous game you can make surethat we were not able to modify the outcome of the crash.

The sample code to generate games hashes and calculate crash points based can be found here.


Bottom line is that results for all future games are already predefined and normally distributed due to math that backs up strong cryptographic SHA256 function. We cannot manipulate this chain of results without the public noticing it.